Overall Individual Standings for the Grand Prix

Overall individual results for the 2016 Grand Prix over the course of the 4 weeks…

Gr 4 Girls
1Amy TrentAbbotsford Christian Elementary80
2Brynn DevriesJohn Calvin31
3Nola SabournAbbotsford Christian Elementary27
4Celina VaandragerAbbotsford Christian Elementary26
5Emily PaulsMei Elementary26
6Trinity MeggaitAbbotsford Christian Elementary25
7Miriam AtsmaAbbotsford Christian Elementary24
8Katie NickelSouth Poplar Traditional16
9Grace LockingtonMcMillan Elementary14
10Eva OlsonAbbotsford Christian Elementary13
Gr. 4 Boys
1Daniel FlemingAbbotsford Christian Elementary80
2Luke WightMcMillan Elementary60
3Arata NakanishiAuguston Traditional48
4Arie WassenaarSouth Poplar Traditional34
5Tristan SteigerSouth Poplar Traditional27
6Lucas WoodMei Elementary15
7Mion KinugasaDr. Roberta Bondar Elementary11
8Julian OryAuguston Traditional11
9Nico VenierAuguston Traditional10
10Logan SpanningaJohn Calvin9
Gr. 5 Girls
1Olivia McIntyreAuguston Traditional70
2Demi TimmermanJohn Calvin70
3Holly MinderhoudAbbotsford Christian Elementary42
4Kristin KampmanAbbotsford Christian Elementary40
5Teagan ScholanderSandy Hill Elementary20
6Lyn ChuangAbbotsford Christian Elementary18
7Addia CurrieAuguston Traditional16
8Eden LaspaMcMillan Elementary11
9Lauren Van DykAbbotsford Christian Elementary10
10Lanae DavenportSwift Elementary8
 Makayla McDougalAbbotsford Christian Elementary8
Gr. 5 Boys
1Ben BrandsmaMei Elementary80
2Hudgson BrandsmaAbbotsford Christian Elementary39
3Markus MolinaAuguston Traditional37
4Zack BosMei Elementary30
5Erik LevingsAuguston Traditional30
6Owen DavidAuguston Traditional28
7Armaan ButtarSouth Poplar Traditional28
8Owen WalkerTerry Fox Elementary14
9Owen TuokkoTerry Fox Elementary13
10Jonah DruryMcMillan Elementary11
Gr. 6 Girls
1Stella PetrieW.A. Fraser Middle80
2Kaitlyn BayMei Middle50
3Hannah BrandfordClayburn Middle49
4Mikiah ZietsmaJohn Calvin43
5Chloe NguyenMei Middle28
6Olivia CarrW.A. Fraser Middle25
7Paige WalkerMei Middle13
8Violet VanderkooiAbbotsford Christian Middle13
9Girija GillAbbotsford Traditional Middle12
10Amelia Miller-KublickChief Dan George Middle5
Gr. 6 Boys
1Dawson ToewsMei Middle75
2Tyler PrettyW.A. Fraser Middle51
3Hayden SansaloneAbbotsford Middle50
4Adam MullerClayburn Middle38
5Trentin YuongAbbotsford Christian Middle32
6William NguyenAbbotsford Traditional Middle30
7Landon HickliClayburn Middle13
8Joshua McKellanAbbotsford Traditional Middle10
9Felix BrissonW.A. Fraser Middle7
10Travis JanzenAbbotsford Christian Middle5
Gr. 7 Girls
1Emily De JagerAbbotsford Christian Middle80
2Jacinda FelmingAbbotsford Christian Middle50
3Reilley CoghillClayburn Middle42
4Jazmin AvilaW.A. Fraser Middle39
5Taylor TolsmaJohn Calvin30
6Maggie McMurchyW.A. Fraser Middle26
7Eileen NoordamAbbotsford Christian Middle22
8Marissa MannClayburn Middle15
9Alysha PenmanClayburn Middle8
10Abby TaylorClayburn Middle6
Gr. 7 Boys
1Lockhart MacGregorAbbotsford Middle80
2Sam BrandsmaMei Middle60
3Gurshaan GillAbbotsford Traditional Middle48
4Bikram SangheraAbbotsford Traditional Middle38
5Josh CookW.A. Fraser Middle26
6Joel TiessenJohn Calvin18
7Kahlem TrainorUpper Sumas Elementary11
8Tyler Prekuda-SchnelW.A. Fraser Middle11
9Max DruryAbbotsford Christian Middle10
10Jayden SheldrakeAbbotsford Middle7
Gr. 8 Girls
1Madison MakaraW.A. Fraser Middle65
2Kash MalhiClayburn Middle60
3Olivia McAuleyMei Middle32
4Priya KahlonDasmesh28
5Emily DownieHatzic Middle27
6Hannah UngerAbbotsford Middle21
7Kevina TakenakaUnattached15
8Jessica QuiringW.A. Fraser Middle13
9Marissa RoddeW.A. Fraser Middle13
10? ?Unattached12
10Malise AscencaoChief Dan George Middle12
Gr. 8 Boys
1Josh CarsienceMei Middle80
2William TangChief Dan George Middle54
3Devlynd CavallaroChief Dan George Middle35
4Devon DehardAbbotsford Middle32
5Toby BaconAbbotsford Middle28
6Abram WiebeMei Middle27
7Conner FransooW.A. Fraser Middle16
8Tetani MicheleColleen & Gordie Howe Middle16
9Vismay SanghaviChief Dan George Middle15
10Gurpreet DhaliwalChief Dan George Middle5
10Mac RatzlaffMei Middle5