Aggregrate Team Standings for the 2016 Grand Prix Cross Country Series

Final Team Standings for the Grand Prix Cross Country Series

Standings have been updated as of October 21, 2016 to reflect a runner misplaced in the wrong grade in the standings. This has affected the team scoring for the Gr. 7 Boys, resulting in a three-way tie in the points totals. In the event of ties for aggregate placings, they are broken by the team performances in the last week of the series.


Gr. 4 Girls
1Abbotsford Christian Elem8020202020
2MEI Elem6416161616
3South Poplar Traditional4410121210
4Auguston Traditional408101012
5McMillan Elem306888
6King Traditional3012666
7Clearbrook Elem144442
8Terry Fox Elem123333
10Ten Broeck Elem52111
Gr. 4 Boys
1Auguston Traditional8020202020
2McMillan Elem6012161616
3South Poplar Traditional481681212
4MEI Elem401012108
5Dr. Roberta Bondar2646610
6Abbotsford Christian Elem246486
7John Calvin22810 4
8King Traditional123333
9Terry Fox Elem8224 
10Clearbrook Elem51121
11Dasmesh3  12
Gr. 5 Girls
1Abbotsford Christian Elem8020202020
2Auguston Traditional6416161616
3MEI Elem4612101212
4King Traditional381081010
5McMillan Elem3681288
7Ten Broeck Elem164363
8Dr. Roberta Bondar153444
Gr. 5 Boys
1MEI Elem7620202016
2Auguston Traditional6816161620
3McMillan Elementary4610121212
4South Poplar Traditional3412886
5Abbotsford Christian Elem34861010
6Clearbrook Elem196364
7King Traditional174238
9Terry Fox Elem10 10  
10Dr. Roberta Bondar Elem4 4  
11Ten Broeck Elem2   2
Gr. 6 Girls
1W.A. Fraser Middle562020 16
2C&G Howe Middle44121616 
3MEI Middle40  2020
4Abbotsford Christian Middle4016 1212
5Chief Dan George Middle32 121010
Gr. 6 Boys
1W.A. Fraser Middle7616202020
2MEI Middle502010128
3Chief Dan George Middle4812161010
4Abbotsford Middle461081612
5Clayburn Middle36 12816
6C&G Howe Middle1486  
7Eugene Reimer Middle1064  
Gr. 7 Girls
1Abbotsford Christian Middle8020202020
2Clayburn Middle6416161616
3MEI Middle4210121010
4W.A. Fraser Middle3612 1212
5Abbotsford Middle328888
6Eugene Reimer Middle10 10  
Gr. 7 Boys
1W.A. Fraser Middle602020 20
2Abbotsford Middle6016121616
3MEI Middle6012162012
4Chief Dan George Middle4210101210
5C&G Howe Middle3286108
6Eugene Reimer Middle8 8  
Gr. 8 Girls
1W.A. Fraser Middle8020202020
2Chief Dan George Middle32  1616
3MEI Middle12  12 
Gr. 8 Boys
1Chief Dan George Middle7220162016
2MEI Middle52162016 
3Abbotsford Middle44 121220
4W.A. Fraser Middle4412101012