Throws Practices Resume Oct 14th: Coach Harold to introduce his successor Coach Sean Laforest

After many years of outstanding coaching for the Valley Royals, Coach Harold Willers is retiring. Harold will be introducing Coach Sean Laforest as the new coach of the Royals Throws Program at the first practice of the Fall season on Sunday October 14th at 2:00PM. Coach Sean was trained by Coach Harold and is an accomplished thrower and coach. He is Vice Principal of MEI Middle School where he serves as throws coach to the MEI Middle and Secondary School track & field teams. 

Fall Throws Practices begin on Sunday October 14th:

  • Mondays – 4:15 PM Clearbrook Park
  • Wednesdays – 4:15 PM Clearbrook Park
  • Sundays – 2:00 PM Clearbrook Park

(There will be no throws practice on Wednesday October 17th as Coach Sean is at a Conference)

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