Drop-In Silent AGM at Legacy Building this Wednesday, Feb 27th 5:30 to 8:30 PM

This year our Annual General Meeting is a Silent Drop-In Event that will take only about 10 minutes to do.
Drop-In Time is: Any time between 5:30 and 8:30 PM on Wednesday February 27th
Location: Upstairs in the Legacy Building beside Rotary Stadium Track
How it works:
1. Sign In” all your family members (This shows how many people are involved in the club and affects the size of Grant the club is eligible for)
2. Get one Ballot per family which allows you to vote on each Motion for the AGM
3. Look at the displays about the club’s 2018 year. These displays will relate to the Motions on your Ballot.
4. If you wish, you may ask a question by writing it down on the Discussion Page at a particular display and the appropriate Board Member will write a response to your question. The questions and answers remain as a part of the display until the end of the AGM and will be used in writing the minutes of the meeting for submission to the BC Societies Office
5. Complete your Ballot by checking one box for each motion and by voting for candidates for the Board of Directors
6. Submit your Ballot (these will be counted later at the end of the AGM at 8:30PM) and your time at the Valley Royals Silent AGM is complete.