Trevor Wight Named Head Coach of the Valley Royals

Dear Royals Family,

After taking a sabbatical from coaching for most of 2019, I have recently taken on the role of head coach of the Valley Royals.   Put simply, my job is to get the many moving parts of club working together to ensure that every athlete, regardless of age or ability, receives the best possible instruction and has the best possible experience while training and competing.  More than this, my goal, and our goal as a coaching staff is to instill in our athletes what we hope will be a life-long love of the sport, of the process of training, and of physical activity.  

As a long-time member of the Royals, I am acutely aware of our club’s long, rich and successful history within our city.   I am both honoured and humbled to be asked to lead.  I look forward to connecting and working with all of you in the coming months to ensure that we can continue to build on our successes and overcome our challenges.

Yours in Sport, Trevor Wight, Head Coach and Power/Speed Coach, Valley Royals Track and Field Club