Valley Royals Online AGM

All Valley Royals Member Households are invited to the Club’s Online AGM 7 PM, Wednesday, May 12th

Presented as a Zoom Webinar, the AGM will be a lively opportunity to look at the club’s accomplishments over the past year, ask questions using the chat feature, and vote on new Board Members using live polls during the meeting.


The number of households who register and participate in the AGM has a huge impact on the club’s ability to apply for grant money to run the club so please REGISTER IN ADVANCE & JOIN THE MEETING ON ZOOM at 7:00 PM ON MAY 12th. Attendance is recorded for this meeting using a Zoom Registration process.


In the week before the AGM, all club member households will receive an email from the club administrator, Christa, giving instructions and a link to the Zoom Webinar Registration. NOTE: This is only a REGISTRATION LINK. Once you’ve registered, the Zoom system will email you the MEETING LINK for the AGM

  • PRE-REGISTER your household as soon as you receive the link to registration.  The meeting link will be emailed to you by the Zoom system once your registration is complete
  • Register using the email address that you normally use to communicate with Christa
  • ATTENDANCE: Be sure to answer the Registration Question regarding Attendance by listing the names of the members of your family that are over the age of five
  • VOTING: Unlike attendance, voting is per household – each family gets one vote. Voting will be done using Polls within the AGM Zoom Webinar. If your family has more than one device logging into the meeting, please designate one person to do the voting on behalf of your household


There are four positions being voted on for the Valley Royals Board of Directors at the 2021 AGM. Election to the board is for a two-year term. As a Non-Profit Society that seeks to support the development of athletes, coaches and officials, the Valley Royals Board of Directors is a “Working Board” where the club leadership not only advise and contribute ideas but also roll up their sleeves and get work done to help the club function smoothly.

To put your name forward to serve on the board, or for more info, contact Christa at [email protected]  


Beyond the seven positions on the board, there are many other opportunities to volunteer that do not require being elected:

  • Join a club sub-committee such as the Track Meet Committee, Finance Committee, or Grand Prix Committee
  • Contribute your special skills such as: handy person, first aid, communications (website/social media), bookkeeping, or other skills that would help the club
  • Running a fundraiser or Networking to get the club a corporate sponsor automatically fulfils all the volunteer hours your family needs for the year

If you would like to get involved on a sub-committee, if you have a special skill to contribute, or if you have a fundraiser or corporate sponsor for the club in 2021, email the club administrator, Christa, at [email protected]