Outstanding Performances at BC Athletics Championships: Distance Group

Coach Scott and the distance group posted medal-winning results and PBs that show just how amazing our dedicated athletes are.

Will Van Schagen had an outstanding meet, with three personal best performances taking a silver medal in the 300m event, a bronze medal in the 1500m steeplechase event, and a bronze medal in the 800m event.

Samuel May moved into a completely different league with two massive personal best performances in the 1500m steeplechase and 2000m events. Sam and fellow competitor Bernardo Sada both clocked a 4:21 showing in the steeplechase running just off the BC record and running 13 seconds under provincial team selection standard. This ranks them both in the top 3 in the country. Sam also recorded an impressive 5:51 showing in the 2000m event, which earned him the silver medal and a great shot at being selected to run this event and the steeplechase at nationals.

Maggie Epp, despite not being quite up to form, grabbed the gold in the 1200m event with an impressive clocking of 3:56. She managed to hold off her teammate Adrianna Buitelaar, who had a fantastic race in both the 1200m and 800m earning silver medals in both events with two personal bests of her own. Both of these young ladies have had a brilliant season consistently performing in the top tier at the provincial level.

Mark Molina ran a big personal best in the U18 1500m with a 4;04 clocking and earning himself a silver medal behind Canadian Champ Caiden Lee. Mark also took the bronze medal in the 800m event.

Zoe Unger ran a strong PR of 4:47 in the 1500m event, Mack Lascelle ran a strong 6:33 PR in the steeplechase, and Halle May, Riley Simmonds, Arie Wassenaar and Arata Nakanishi ran strongly in their respective events as well.

Samuel Rasquinha ran an inspirational 800m, running down his competition in the later stages of the race. A big hats off to Halle May for taking it to the guys in the last leg of the 4x400m and to all our athletes who pulled together to run some great relays.

These kind of performances could not happen without the constant and unwavering support from our athletes’ families.

A big nod to all of our athletes’ families for everything you do to support your young athletes. So very well done Royals.-Coach Scott