2020 Cross Country Meet


Saturday, October 24, 2020
Clearbrook Park – 3680 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford, BC
This is a BC Athletics Sanctioned event and is co-hosted by Valley Royals and Trinity Western University [TWU]. Valley Royals are hosting the Junior Development [JD] events ages 9-13 years as outlined below. TWU is hosting the High School and College events. Please contact Kathy Andrews [email protected] or Shane Wiebe [email protected] TWU for details regarding High School and College races.

This Meet package is applicable to JD events only: https://files.trackie.com/uploads/event/2020-10-13-21-05-13-1476534570-22.pdf?rand=1145073899

Entries will be limited to 25 athletes per event

Meet Organizers: Debbie Foote [email protected]
Christa McAuley [email protected]
Meet Directors: Scott Svelander [email protected]
Paul Trustham [email protected]
Time: 9:30am First event to 2:45pm Last event

Schedule: Printable PDF Available on 3rd Page of Meet Package at Link Above

Entry Deadline: Wednesday October 21, 2020 at 6:00pm (PST)

Entry Fee: $5.00 per athlete
Awards: There will be no awards available. Snacks will be provided to JD athletes after their race

Registration for JD Races: Register in advance before the Entry Deadline at  https://www.trackie.com/online-registration/event/valley-cross-country-meet/467492/
Non BC Athletics Members are subject to the one day membership fee – $3.00 per athlete

Check-in: There will be a check in tent near the race start line where you can pick up your numbers and your stickers. Athletes, you may arrive 30 minutes before your race to walk the course/warm up and check in.

Additional Notes: Max 50 participants allowed on the field of play (athletes, coaches, and officials). The “field of play” includes any area inside the area bounded by course markings which includes the finish line area, namely the race course. Parents and Spectators must not enter the field of play; race course. Spectators are allowed to view events outside the course markings.

MANDATORY COVID Waiver will be attached to each entry in Trackie and must be completed before entering the field of play. All athletes must self-check with a parent/guardian for any COVID symptoms before attending the competition. Athletes showing COVID related symptoms on attendance will be asked to the leave the event. Athletes are asked to wear a face covering [mask] until just before reaching the start line. Personal cloth masks must be left with personal items. Disposable face coverings must be placed safely in garbage containers or left with personal items. Masks will be handed out at the end of each race. Participants are requested to leave the event immediately after their race (15 min max) to allow for the next race participants to get ready. Please be reminded to practice a minimum of 2m [6’] physical distancing at all times. Following this Cross Country meet, all athletes must be aware they are not to compete in other BC Athletics events with other athletes for at least 14 days. Athletes may train with their cohort groups keeping a safe physical distance and must continue to self-monitor for up to 14 days.



“Just a big congratulations to all of you who ran in the meet that Royals hosted at Clearbrook Park on the weekend. Performances were very strong and it was great to see everyone racing again. The coaches from UBC, SFU, and Trinity Western as well as from our local Fraser Valley Clubs and High Schools were all equally appreciative and complimented all Valley Royals volunteers, athletes, and parents who helped out, on a job well done.” ~Royals Coach Scott Svelander 

Official Results from the Junior Development Races: Results_ JD Boys & Girls_Valley Royals Cross Country Meet_Oct 24 2020_final

Official Results from the High School and University Races: TWU XC Invite #2 Results_Oct 25 2020