Register for Meets

For current information on upcoming meets check out the BC Athletics – Calendar of Events

TO ENSURE USE OF FUNDRAISING CREDITS YOU MAY HAVE EARNED, send your registration information to the Valley Royals Club Administrator, Christa McAuley at [email protected] so that she can register you as a Club Athlete & apply any fundraising credits you may have toward entry fee costs.  


Junior Development Athletes are given a list of meets from their Coach which they can choose to attend. 14 and up Athletes: Talk to your coach and see which meets they would like you to compete at and check out the BC Athletics Calendar (link above). It lists all of the Meets going on in BC and nationally–with links to each hosting club’s website. Once you have chosen the events you would like to be entered in let your coach know AND Email Christa McAuley at [email protected] with these details: 

  • NAME & DATE of MEET and the NAME of the HOSTING CLUB. Be sure you can attend before you sign up because you will be charged for events that you miss
  • LIST the EVENTS you’d like to be entered into. Include details such as the AGE CATEGORY you will be competing in, TIME the event is scheduled to happen
  • YOUR PB if you know it (PB=Personal Best: the best time/height/distance you have achieved so far in each event you are entering)
  • The Valley Royals will take care of registering you for the meet. Be aware of the Hosting Club’s REGISTRATION DEADLINE.
  • Christs McAuley needs you to email her your registration information as far ahead of this deadline as possible (at least 48 hours in advance but sooner is better) click link above to email her
  • Familiarize yourself with the Track Meet Protocol information (a lot of this information also applies to Cross Country Meets)

See for a list of Upcoming Meets that Club Athletes are encouraged to attend (some are age-specific). If you are interested in looking for more meets to compete in, TALK TO YOUR COACH and check out the BC Athletics – Calendar of Events

Updated January, 2023