The BC Athletics Officials Committee invites clubs to offer training and development opportunities to their members to become BC Athletics officials through our B.C. Officials Class program. The first two levels in the program, provided by Athletics Canada and the National Officials Committee, can be administered within the club and includes web-based training following by hands-on experience. This is an excellent opportunity for clubs to develop officiating resources for their club meets. 

NOTE: The BC Athletics Officials Committee is implementing the enhanced certification pathway for officials. We are looking to map officials from the previous pathway to the new pathway. Please contact Debbie Foote if you meet either of the following criteria ([email protected]):

  • If you are on the pathway to Level 1, for example, completed the Level 1 (in person) Workshop in the past 3 years, you may proceed on the pathway to Level 2 if you participate in the “B.C. Officials Class of 2021”. You will become a Level 1 official after completing the online module 201 and working your first meet. This is a one-time offer as part of the transition to the enhanced certification pathway. Otherwise, you may start the pathway to Level 1 with the online module 101.
  • If you are on the pathway to Level 2, for example, completed the Level 2 (in person) Workshop in the past 3 years, you will receive credit for the training aspect of the enhanced pathway to Level 2. You will continue on the experience component of the pathway by mapping your experience to the new requirements. You must officiate at least one meet in the calendar year. Contact Debbie Foote to map your credits to the new pathway.


We at Valley Royals would like to thank all officials who make Track and Field possible. Officials volunteer their time to help keep the sport fair for all. We have a few officials who are part of our club:

Dawn Driver (Level 3)

Debbie Foote (Level 3)

Paul Trustham (Level 3)

Debbie Trustham (Level 1)

Tom Norton (Level 2)



Have you ever thought about becoming an official?  It is easy and very rewarding. To find out more information about becoming an official, check out the BC Athletics Officials page at:

All athletics officials in Canada follow a certification program for development from beginner to expert. The program comprises five certification levels representing different levels of skills, experience and responsibility—the first two focusing on becoming an official familiar with all areas of officiating. The later three focus on specialization in specific areas. An illustration of the certification program can be found via the “Career Path” tab on the Officials section of the BC
Athletics website (link above and image below…)

Click Here for Link to Officials Certification Pathway Chart (pictured above)


Page Updated January 2024