Power & Speed Going Outdoors Weather Permitting – Check Email for Updates

Hello Team,
Daylight is increasing, and it looks like some better weather is finally coming our way.   This and our shins are suffering from the hard indoor track.   So this coming week we’re going to head outside as much as we can.  
Monday:   Meet at the Yale /Fraser outdoor track (north-east corner nearest the dumpsters)
Wednesday:    Meet at the hill – south parking lot of McMillan Elementary
Thursday:    TO BE ANNOUNCED.   Looks at bit cooler that day.  We’ll see how the weather plays out and I will confirm via email / in person on Wednesday.    
Please dress warm and  in layers – no one should be in shorts, it may be sunny but it will still be cool.   
We’re going to play it by ear these next few weeks.  We want to be outside as much as we can but we may need to head back into to ARC should the weather turn ugly again.    PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL REGULARLY.