Valley Royals Constitution and Bylaws

CONSTITUTION of Valley Royals Track & Field Club

VRTFC Bylaws April 3, 2020

One amendment was made to the Bylaws at the Club’s AGM which was held on Friday, April 3rd, 2020 as an EGM Online due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The amendment was to Bylaw 3.4 replacing “Roberts Rules of Order” with “Perry’s Call to Order Meeting Rules” to give direction at any general, annual or extraordinary meeting on matters which the club’s Bylaws do not give specific direction on.

In the discussion time of the meeting, board member Tom Norton explained that Perry’s Call to Order was created in 1983 specifially for use by non-profit organizations. Perry’s adapts Roberts Rules of Order, which was designed for parliamentarian use, into a rulebook that is easier to read in common language and provides a framework for holding meetings where collaboration is part of the assumed norm.

The collaborative language in “Perry’s Call to Order Meeting Rules” has been found by many non-profit societies to be more appropriate for their meetings (rather than opposition which is more characteristic of parliamentary settings).  There were no other changes to the Club’s Bylaws and the updated version is posted as a PDF in the link above.