Membership & Registration

Please contact the Club Administrator, Christa, at  [email protected] if you have any questions about becoming a member of the Valley Royals Track & Field Club
Online Membership Registration and Payment is available here: ONLINE REGISTRATION
Chart of Info about Fees/Expectations/Deposits for all Membership Packages CLICK HERE: 2019 Pricing Chart for VR Membership Packages


    • Credit Card Payment option is available


    • A Monthly Payment Plan is available for FULL YEAR MEMBERSHIPS ONLY (pay by credit card or by post-dated cheques)


    • Single-Season Memberships are available for the TRACK & FIELD/Spring-Summer SEASON ONLY or CROSS COUNTRY/Fall SEASON ONLY(Please note: If you select the Spring-Summer Season and later decided to come back in the Fall Season you will need to contact the club Administrator to register & pay for the Fall Season. Moving up to the Full Year Membership will not be possible at that point so we recommend that you choose the Full Year option at the start of the year if you think you may be coming back in the fall)
        • $20.00 INTRODUCTORY WEEK available to athletes that are new to the Valley Royals (see ***INTRO SPECIAL*** below for details)    


    • What if I have Fundraising Credits left over after I have paid for all of my Entry Fees for the year?  All Fundraising Credits expire on December 31st each year. They may not be carried forward into the following year. However. if you have Fundraising Credits left over at the end of the Fall Season, you can use use them toward purchasing next year’s Club Membership as long as the Membership is purchased before Dec 31st.
    • New members must supply a copy of their birth certificate to the Club Administrator (either in person or by emailing a photo or scan of the document)
    • Athletes ages 14 and up can move between groups or attend more than one group if approved to do so
    • Age is calculated as of Dec.31st of the year you are registering for
  • Financial Assistance: Please check out Kids Sport Canada website for information related to financial assistance  here


$20.00 INTRODUCTORY WEEK Option: For just $20.00 (fee covers insurance for training only, not competing) a new athlete gets the chance to attend one week of practices before deciding to join and pay in full (Use Online Registration to select this option)  This option can be used only once and is only available to athletes who are new to the Valley Royals Track & Field Club.


For Junior Development Athletes 8-13 Years of Age:
$350.00/FULL YEAR plus $60 BC Athletics fee
$260.00/Track & Field Season Only (April-July) plus $60 BC Athletics Fee
$110.00/Cross Country Season Only (Sept-Oct) plus $60 BC Athletics Fee
For Athletes 14 or more Years of Age:
Middle Distance Group or Throws Group or Power/Speed Group
$450.00/FULL YEAR plus BC Athletics Fee (see chart below for age/price)
$325.00/January-July Season Only plus BC Athletics Fee (see chart below for age/price)
$175.00/Sept-Nov or Oct-Dec Season Only plus BC Athletics Fee (see chart below for age/price) Each Training Group has a time frame that is specific to them for the Fall Season. (See the Practice Schedule Page for details)
Membership Includes:
  • access to training groups
  • subsidized club clothing
  • award at annual banquet
  • team fees paid for BC or Canadian team members
  • Entry Fees paid by Club for up to 3 events/races at the “BC Track & Field Championships”(BC Athletics)
  • Entry Fee paid by Club for race at “BC Cross Country Championships”(BC Athletics)

Not Included in Membership: 

  • volunteer & fundraising expectations
  • Entry-fees for competitions/events (Can be covered through fundraising credits Fundraising Credits_Answers to FAQs )
  • BC Athletics Membership: mandatory for club membership and is included in each Membership Package unless specified otherwise on the Fee Chart at the top of this page (the BC Athletics Fee provides the necessary insurance coverage for the athlete)
  • Special exception for athletes enrolled in University: All Entry fees are included in the Club Membership and only a small number of Volunteer Hours are required of University Athletes.
BC Athletics Fees Chart:
  • Junior Development (9 years – 13 years) $60.00
  • Midget (14 years) $70.00
  • Midget (15 years) $73.50
  • Youth (16-17 years) $94.50
  • Junior (18 years – 19 years) $94.50
  • Senior (20 years – 39 years) $94.50
  • Post Secondary (18 years- 22 years) $73.50
  • Masters (35+years) $63.00
  • Non-Competitive (Training Only) $15.75


A postdated cheque in the amount of $200.00 will be required (families with more than one athlete in the club add $50 per each additional athlete to their cheque total). This cheque will not be cashed if the volunteer work requirement is met within the calendar year.  If paying registration by credit card, no deposit cheque is needed–instead, credit card will not be billed if fundraising expectations are met within the calendar year. Click on “Volunteer and Fundraising Expectations” above for details. 

Club FundRaising Activities:

that you (or your parent) will be expected to help with include:
  • Track meets, cross country meets and road races hosted by Valley Royals
  • Fundraisers throughout the year that may be approved by the Directors of the Club
  • Each athlete is expected to fundraise but how much is up them. There is no minimum fundraising expectation but there are direct benefits to the athlete in the form of a 50% fundraising credit that can be applied to entry fees or next year’s membership before the credits expire on December 31st. For more information on Fundraising Credits click here: Fundraising Credits_Answers to FAQs
  • Click on “Volunteer and Fundraising Expectations” above for details.


  • Club uniform “singlets” must be worn to competitions entered via club
  • Athletes buy their singlet at ordering time and can try on a sample size to check the fit
  • Specialized uniforms/hoodies available on request



If you need a competition singlet contact Susan Konrad at [email protected]  We are moving to a for-purchase system on our new ROYAL BLUE ADIDAS SINGLETS. Some old Singlets with red side panels are available but sizes are limited. Athletes can wear either the old or the new singlet in competition.


Old PDF Registration form is temporarily available: here (Don’t use this old method of Registration unless instructed by Christa to do so)
Please contact the Club Administrator Christa at [email protected] if you have any questions about becoming a member of the Valley Royals Track & Field Club

WHY DO YOU LOVE THE VALLEY ROYALS? Testimonials for the Valley Royals Track & Field Club…

“The Valley Royals Track Club does a great job in sharing and providing equipment for the many schools in Abbotsford for our track meets.  Every year the Valley Royals allow our school, Abbotsford Middle School, to use their high jump standards, equipment, and mats for our school track meet.  Our school has a population of 650+ students and they are always so excited to experience the wonders of high jump at our track meet!  Without the continued cooperation of the Valley Royals, we wouldn’t be able to give these kids the chance to participate in high jump (many for the first time)!  Thanks Valley Royals for your support of our school in Abbotsford!”

 Shawn Mani – Athletic Director of Abbotsford Middle School 


“Our daughter, Rachel, has been a member of the Valley Royals Track Club for 4 years. She is now 15 years old and has been fortunate to receive top level coaching during her time with the Royals. Under the tutelage of current coaches, Sue Northey, Gerry Swan and Kiya Posthumus, she has developed into a strong competitive runner in her age group. Her coaches are well versed in teaching proper running technique and advising on racing strategies. They provide a disciplined and enthusiastic training environment with emphasis on hard work and fun. They are uplifting and positive role models for all their athletes. As parents, we are so pleased and thankful that these inspirational people are willing to give their valuable time to coach the kids.”

Alan and Diane Mortimer 


“Abbotsford Traditional Middle school has been connected with the Valley Royals and participated in the Grand Prix race series for over 10 years now. The ATMS Cross Country program has grown over the years largely due to the quality of the race events that the Valley Royals put on every year. Students appreciate the ability to track their progress online throughout the running season, the health benefits related to being part of a running club and the sense of ‘team’ that comes with competition. Overall, this club provides a place for students to get hooked on a healthy activity that supports the notion of ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Josh Lockington – Abbotsford Traditional Middle School 


“Our son Vikramjit Singh Gondara is an active athlete of Valley Royal track and field club from 2009 to present. He started training with Valley Royal as a 10 year little boy but today he is 18 year young man and three time Canadian champion in Hammer throw, and he is Canadian record holder in Hammer throw and very good in Discus throw. We are proud on him. All this happen with Valley Royals professional training and throwing technique taught by Mr Harold Willers. And in another hand we are thankful to coach Mr Ziggy Szelagowich who made him very strong. So all over very good club and experienced coaches and hard working athletes. As parents we are thankful to club management, coaches and very thankful to our own senior coach Mr Gerry Swan who create the Club and today we see our kids in top Canadian ranking. Vikramjit is favorite of all coaches, even he don’t trained with all of them but they give advice to him, so we are thankful to Royals.”

S. Gondara


“Valley Royals provides our daughter, Alexa, Olympic level coaching and training through the exceptional expertise provided by her coach, Ziggy Szelagowicz.  Coach Ziggy designs and provides an individualized weight room program for each session,  multiple times per week, two jump sessions, and a year plan which is submitted to Athletics Canada to support Alexa’s Provincial and National Talent Identification for NextGen ranking and funding for BC and National Teams. Having recently certified in Track and Field coaching, I was impressed how Coach Ziggy’s training plans have directly adhered to Athletics Canada’s Long term development plan based on age and physical development. Consequently, Alexa has won three Provincial and two National Championships directly due to the advanced knowledge, coaching expertise and support provided by Coach Ziggy in training and at meets.  Alexa is currently being recruited by several exceptional universities that will pay in excess of $50,000 per year toward her education because of the outstanding program offered by Valley Royals.  In addition, on a more personal note, my daughter, my husband and I love her coach, and believe he is an exceptional role model for our child. His character is unassailable.  In practice and at meets, he shows caring and generosity to his athletes that has built a supportive team environment that  greatly enriches my daughter’s love for athletics and has given her the desire to make track and field a life long endeavour.  As a family, we are very grateful for the funding of the outstanding work of the Valley Royals Club and encourage you to continue to support their exceptional team.  Broadening their funding would be a gift to so many families since their is such a broad inclusive base of participation and would directly affect access to post-secondary education for so many children, since track and Field provides such extensive opportunities for scholarships.”

Lynne and James Porpaczy 


“As a member of the Valley Royals Track Club our son, Rowan, has been able to pursue his goals in the hammer throw, discus and shot put events both locally and on a national level.  Over the past 3 years the club has generously provided Rowan with the facility, equipment and support required to be competitive in these disciplines.  During this time, Rowan has had the good fortune to be coached by Harold WIllers. Being a former thrower himself, Harold’s experience is invaluable. He is knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. He is both coach and mentor to Rowan helping him to hone his skills and to prepare both physically and mentally for competition. Through his dedication and good humour, Harold engenders a spirit of camaraderie and respect amongst his entire throwing group and Rowan looks forward to his training sessions.  It is due to this committed coaching and club support that Rowan has been able to participate so fully in the sport he loves. It is satisfying to know that our son is part of an organization that values effort, discipline and sportsmanship alongside success.”

John Hamilton and Lynda Carrabetta


Updated August 1st, 2017