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Athletes are reminded that in order to train with the Royals, reactivation of their BC Athletics Membership is required by completing the Athletics Canada Waiver/Attestation Form (see post below for details). Athletes who don’t complete the waiver well ahead of practice will not be allowed to train. New athletes will be given their personal link to the Online form by the club administrator after they register for their club membership. Didn’t receive/have deleted the waiver email? Email Christa at [email protected] to request another

  • Athletes Age 14 and Up, see Practice Schedule Page for summer training schedule. Due to health concerns, high jump and pole vault are not currently available for group training but may be in health/safety testing by individual senior athlete per pit
  • Track Rascals Summer Session (Age 6-8): July 6th -29th: Mondays and Wednesdays.   10:30am -11:30am. 4 weeks in July 2020 (8 sessions) 1 hour each, Cost: $120 (includes insurance and club t-shirt) Space is Limited. Registration for Track Rascals is by email the club administrator, Christa, at [email protected]

  • **Junior Development Group 1:  July 6 – July 24:   Mon, Wed, Fri.  10:30am -11:45am. Numbers are capped & space is limited (see pricing options below). To request this session, email Christa at [email protected]
  • *Junior Development Group 2:   July 7 -July 25:   Tues & Thurs 5:30-6:45pm, Sat 10:15-11:30am. Numbers are capped & space is limited (see pricing options below). To request this session, email Christa at [email protected]



    Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we resume our programming.   The club is doing the best it can to accommodate individual athlete’s and family’s needs during these unprecedented circumstances.  Our programming for July is not business as usual, and thus we’ve had to adjust our fee structure.  JD Membership Options for 2020 are: 

    JD Summer & Fall Combo (best deal): 3 weeks in July 2020 (9 sessions) 1 hour and 15 minutes each PLUS full Cross-Country Season in September & October 2020 Cost: $335

    JD Summer Session 1 or JD Summer Session 2:  3 weeks in July 2020 (9 sessions) 1 hour and 15 minutes each   Cost: $170

    If you registered for the 2020 Track & Field Season prior to the pandemic, you are given first priority to do the JD Summer & Fall Combo.   The fees you’ve already paid will cover the 3 weeks of track and the full cross-country season.   

    If you wish to do either just a JD Summer Sesson or just JD Cross-Country in the fall, you will be given credit towards the 2021 season (MINUS the non-refundable BC Athletics insurance fee and the cost of the session that you choose to do in 2020).   

    Family Transfer of Credit: Any left-over credit from 2020 may be transferred to a member of the immediate family for the track season of 2021.   

    Further, you may be responsible for the difference in fees should our pricing go up next year.  

    For the future stability of our club, please consider doing the JD Summer & Fall Combo Option.

    The club board of directors will deal with any concerns on a case-by-case basis.   

    Again, thank you for your understanding and support during these challenging times.   

    JDs who have been on the waitlist by using the $20 1-week trial registration, or new JD athletes wishing to register for a Summer Session & Cross Country Season, please email club administrator, Christa, at [email protected] to learn how to complete your registration process. The $20 1-week trial is not available as an actual registration option for the summer JD or Track Rascals sessions

Contact the Club Administrator, Christa, at  [email protected] if you have any questions about becoming a member of the Valley Royals Track & Field Club

Online Membership Registration and Payment is available here: ONLINE REGISTRATION

For a Printable PDF of the Chart (pictured below) regarding  Fees/Expectations/Deposits for all Registration Packages CLICK HERE: 2020 Pricing Chart for VR Membership Packages _New_Masters Full Year Membership

* Effective birth date for all categories is December 31st so the Athlete’s age is the age they will turn on their Birthday within this calendar year.
**All Membership Fees include the BC Athletics Insurance Fee with the exception of:
~ Associate Memberships
~ Past members in Univ/College training May – August (Must already be insured by their School)
~ Athletes coming for training from another club (Must already be in insured with BC Athletics by their club)
~ One Week Trial has insurance from BC Athletics for TRAINING ONLY (Athlete may not compete until Membership Package is Purchased)

Due to insurance rules, all athletes must have a paid Valley Royals Membership to participate with a Royals training group. A $20 one-week trial membership is available for athletes new to the Royals and wanting to check out a training group before buying the full membership. The $20 1-week trial is not available as an actual registration option for the summer JD or Track Rascals sessions

To select a membership package and register online click  ONLINE REGISTRATION

    • Credit Card Payment option is available
    • Single-Season Memberships are available for the TRACK & FIELD/Spring-Summer SEASON ONLY or CROSS COUNTRY/Fall SEASON ONLY(Please note: If you select the Spring-Summer Season and later decided to come back in the Fall Season you will need to contact the club Administrator to register & pay for the Fall Season. Moving up to the Full Year Membership will not be possible at that point so we recommend that you choose the Full Year option at the start of the year if you think you may be coming back in the fall)
    • $20.00 INTRODUCTORY WEEK available to athletes that are new to the Valley Royals (see ***INTRO SPECIAL*** below for details) The $20 1-week trial is not available as an actual registration option for the summer JD or Track Rascals sessions                                                                                                                                                                                                                
    • What if I have Fundraising Credits left over after I have paid for all of my Entry Fees for the year?  All Fundraising Credits expire on December 31st each year. They may not be carried forward into the following year. However. if you have Fundraising Credits left over at the end of the Fall Season, you can use use them toward purchasing next year’s Club Membership as long as the Membership is purchased before Dec 31st.
    • New members must supply a copy of their birth certificate to the Club Administrator (either in person or by emailing a photo or scan of the document)
    • Athletes ages 14 and up can move between groups or attend more than one group if approved to do so
    • Age is calculated as of Dec.31st of the year you are registering for
  • Financial Assistance: Please check out Kids Sport Canada website for information related to financial assistance  here


$20.00 INTRODUCTORY WEEK Option: For just $20.00 (fee covers insurance for training only, not competing) a new athlete gets the chance to attend one week of practices before deciding to join and pay in full (Use Online Registration to select this option)  This option can be used only once and is only available to athletes who are new to the Valley Royals Track & Field Club. The $20 1-week trial is not available as an actual registration option for the summer JD or Track Rascals sessions


Membership Includes:
  • access to training groups
  • subsidized club clothing
  • award at annual banquet
  • team fees paid for BC or Canadian team members
  • Entry Fees paid by Club for up to 3 events/races at the “BC Track & Field Championships”(BC Athletics)
  • Entry Fee paid by Club for race at “BC Cross Country Championships”(BC Athletics)

Not Included in Membership: 

  • volunteer & fundraising expectations
  • Entry-fees for competitions/events (Can be covered through fundraising credits Fundraising Credits_Answers to FAQs )
  • BC Athletics Membership: mandatory for club membership and is included in each Membership Package unless specified otherwise on the Fee Chart at the top of this page (the BC Athletics Fee provides the necessary insurance coverage for the athlete)
  • Special exception for athletes enrolled in University: All Entry fees are included in the Club Membership and only a small number of Volunteer Hours are required of University Athletes.


A postdated cheque in the amount of $200.00 will be required (families with more than one athlete in the club add $50 per each additional athlete to their cheque total). This cheque will not be cashed if the volunteer work requirement is met within the calendar year.  If paying registration by credit card, no deposit cheque is needed–instead, credit card will not be billed if fundraising expectations are met within the calendar year. Click on “Volunteer and Fundraising Expectations” above for details. 

Club FundRaising Activities:

  • Track meets, cross country meets and road races hosted by Valley Royals
  • Fundraisers throughout the year that may be approved by the Directors of the Club
  • Each athlete/family is expected to fundraise but how much is up them. There is no minimum fundraising expectation but there are direct benefits to the athlete in the form of a 50% fundraising credit that can be applied to entry fees or next year’s membership before the credits expire on December 31st. For more information on Fundraising Credits click here: Fundraising Credits_Answers to FAQs
  • Click on “Volunteer and Fundraising Expectations” above for details.


  • Club uniform “singlets” must be worn to competitions entered via club
  • Athletes buy their singlet at ordering time and can try on a sample size to check the fit
  • Specialized uniforms/hoodies available on request



If you need a competition singlet contact Christa at [email protected] We now have a for-purchase system on our new ROYAL BLUE ADIDAS SINGLETS. Some old Singlets with red side panels are available for sale too but sizes are limited. Athletes can wear either the old or the new singlet in competition.


Old PDF Registration form is temporarily available: here (Don’t use this old method of Registration unless instructed by Christa to do so)
Please contact the Club Administrator Christa at [email protected] if you have any questions about becoming a member of the Valley Royals Track & Field Club


Updated June 24th, 2020