Power / Speed Program

We are an inclusive Club accepting athletes of all abilities

Power/Speed Program is for those athletes who wish to specialize in one or more of the following events: 100m, 200m,100mH, long-jump, triple-jump, high-jump and pole-vault, decathlon and heptathlon

Head Coach:  Ziggy Szelagowicz  
Pole Vault Coach:  Graham Danziger 

Midget: 14-15 years old

The goal of the Midget program is to help identify and to begin early specialization of athletes into event areas.  The competitive focus at this age group is: high school, regional and provincial.

Youth: 16 – 17 years old / Junior: 18 -19 years old /Senior: 20+

The goal of the program for the older full-time athletes is for mid to late specialization into event areas. The competitive focus at this age group is: high school, provincial, national, and legions.

Program Length: (see practice schedule for updated detailed schedule)
Power & Speed Training is offered 3 days per week:

Ziggy’s Power/Speed Practices

Ziggy would like athletes to train at least 3 times a weekThere will be specific training on certain days. Athletes are welcome to train on any of the days listed but need to know that most of Ziggy’s attention will be put towards the athletic event(s) being focused on for the day.

Practice Schedule starting March 12, 2018:

Monday, 4:00 – 5:45 PM Club Shed at Rotary Stadium  
Wednesday,4:00 – 5:45 PM Club Shed at Rotary Stadium 
Saturday, 10:00 – 11:45 AM Club Shed at Rotary Stadium 
During Winter Training ONLY: Monday & Wednesday practices will happen at the Abbostford Recreation Centre (ARC). Athletes should wait for the group by the couch area at the Abbotsford Recreations Centre, 2499 McMillan Rd.
All athletes are responsible for their entrance fee to ARC

Location by Season:

  • March-August: outdoor Track & Field training at Rotary Stadium

  • October-November: Mostly outdoor training at Rotary Stadium and some indoor training at the ARC (Abbotsford Recreation Centre)

  • November-March: Mostly indoor training at ARC (Abbotsford Recreation Centre) and some outdoor training at Rotary Stadium



Updated March 12th 2018