Power & Speed Program


Athletes are reminded that in order to train with the Royals, reactivation of their BC Athletics Membership is required by completing the Athletics Canada Waiver/Attestation Form. Athletes who don’t complete the waiver ahead of practice will not be allowed to train. New athletes will be given their personal link to the Online form by the club administrator after they register for their club membership. Didn’t receive/have deleted the waiver email from BC Athletics? Email Christa at [email protected] to request another

At this stage in getting “Back on Track” athletes will be training using the club’s Safety Plan. Athletes may be competing at select meets as BC Athletics has begun to sanction meets again according to “Back to Training” and “Back to Competition” Guidelines & Addendums

Due to insurance rules, all athletes must have a paid Valley Royals Membership to participate with a Royals training group. A $20 one-week trial membership is available for athletes new to the Royals and wanting to check out a training group before buying the full membership. To select a membership package and register online click https://valleyroyals.ca/membership/


We are an inclusive Club accepting athletes of all abilities


POWER & SPEED GROUP (Age 14 & Up U16/Midget, U18/Youth, U20/Junior, Senior, Masters)



Power & Speed Coach 

  Head Coach/Power & Speed Coach Trevor Wight

Power/Speed Program is for those athletes who wish to specialize in one or more of the following events: 100m, 200m,100mH, long-jump, triple-jump, high-jump and pole-vault, decathlon and heptathlon

Power & Speed Training is offered 3 days per week:
POWER & SPEED TRAINING SCHEDULE:  https://valleyroyals.ca/practice-schedule/

Note: Pole Vault has it’s own practice group and vaulting schedule but vaulters are also integrated in the Power & Speed Group to get strength and conditioning training.

Athletes/Parents please read Info Package:Power Speed Group Info 2019-2020
All pole vault and high jump athletes continue to train with the Power & Speed Group. Pole Vault and High Jump are available for group training but are using Landing Pads and numbers are limited. For information about the Landing Pad prototype being used by PV/HJ athletes, and to learn how to make one yourself, read the Valley Royals Return to PV & HJ_Landing Pad Concept
U16/Midget: 14-15 years old

The goal of the Midget program is to help identify and to begin early specialization of athletes into event areas.  The competitive focus at this age group is: high school, regional and provincial.

U18/Youth: 16 – 17 years old, U20/Junior: 18 -19 years old, Senior: 20+, Masters :35+

The goal of the program for the older full-time athletes is for mid to late specialization into event areas. The competitive focus at this age group is: high school, provincial, national, and legions.

Track Meet Info & Meet Protocol: https://valleyroyals.ca/meets/

Training Stages for Athletes:

The images below illustrate some of the principles underlying the Valley Royals Power & Speed program. See https://valleyroyals.ca/ltad-long-term-athlete-development-and-athlete-pathways/ for details


Updated April, 2021