Entry Fees

General entry fees to races and field events are not included in membership fees for the Valley Royals

Entry fees will be tracked and charged at the end of each season, on an individual basis, based on the various events and races the athlete entered during the season (this includes missed events). However, athletes can cover the cost of most of their entry fees just by fundraising for the club and then paying their fees with their credits. Both fundraising credits and entry fees are tracked by Christa, our club Administrator. 

There are some entry fees which the Valley Royals does Cover:

  • up to 3 entry fees for each athlete that chooses to represent the club at the BC Track & Field Championships (BC Athletics).
  • the entry fee for an athlete’s age-level race at the BC Cross Country Championships (BC Athletics).
  • entry fees for club members while they are attending university or college. These athletes are in an intense time of life in which heavy financial and academic burdens have been placed on them. They are often elite athletes who are working hard to compete at a very high level and have spent years giving their volunteer time and fundraising to help the club.


Updated August 2022