Track Meet Protocol

A few days before the meet it is a good idea to check the “host” club’s website to corroborate what you believe to be true, if you spot an issue, let your coach know ASAP 

Night before Meet:

  • Pack a bag with EVERYTHING you may need
  • list of entered events
  • Valley Royal Singlet (Unless you are representing your school, always wear your VR Singlet to every Track & Field or Cross Country Meet. Make sure the Royals Logo shows by pinning your number on just underneath the logo)
  • running shoes / spikes (extra laces, spikes)
  • appropriate clothes to wear before/after event
  • water bottle/appropriate food (not junk)
  • sunscreen/hat/bandages/hair bands/safety pins/watch
  • money (few dollars for emergencies)

Day of Meet:

  • Arrive at LEAST one hour before scheduled time
  • If a meet is running early events can be moved up by half an hour – they will not wait for you
  • This allows time for proper warm-up so be sure to do one 
  • On arrival go to the registration tent to see if the Valley Royals Package has been picked-up
  • If NOT, you can usually get your individual number if time is tight, otherwise wait there for the coach to arrive to pay and pick up the package
  • If the package HAS been picked up you need to go to the Valley Royals meeting spot..look for the Valley Royals tent. The package should be there either with a coach, or parent. Get your number from the package, check over the registration list to confirm you are registered in the correct events, if you note a problem tell you coach ASAP 
  • The coach could be busy with other athletes, so it is your responsibility to do a proper warm-up
  • Listen for announcements for your event 
  • Usually, athletes will be called to “Marshal” or “Sign-In”. Typically, this done at the starting point of your event.  Often the Marshaling Area is under a tent–but not always.  Sometimes the athletes are given chairs to sit on while they wait to be walked to the start line–or they may be standing in a line-up. Once you have been Checked-In at the Marshaling Area you can’t leave so be sure to have your bathroom break before you Check-In!

Parents and Spectators You are NOT allowed on the infield. Be aware that there are rules and expectations of how you will behave at the meet:

  • You must watch/cheer from the sidelines for field events or the stands for track events
  • If any help is required you will be asked
  • Be positive, the coach will handle any critique that needs to be addressed
  • The coach is the only one allowed to be doing any coaching
  • Athletes can be DISQUALIFIED for receiving what’s considered unfair help from friends and family.
  • If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask your coach.
  • Enjoy your day and Have Fun !
Updated May 17th, 2018