2024 Track Meet List

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July 6-7, 2024: Trevor Craven, Burnaby

July 26-28, 2024: JD Championships

Power and Speed Success at High School Championships

Great job by our Valley Royals power/speed athletes this past weekend at the BC High School Championships in Nanaimo.   There were numerous personal bests and great performances.   Here they are in no particular order.
Tristan Steiger – PB in the 400 with a time of  52.11
Katie Brandsma – 5th in 300 hurdles with a PB in heats of 47.77.  6th in 4 x 400 Relay, 17th in the 400
Marcus Brandsma – Bronze in 200 hurdles with a PB of 28.02, Silver in Triple Jump PB of 11.25
Luke Wight – Fourth in Triple Jump with a PB of 12.65, Long Jump – PB of 5.81
Will van Schagen – 8th in the 400 with a PB of 50.73, Silver in the 400 Hurdles, PB of 54.75, 9th in 110 hurdles
Gurpartap Sandhu – 7th in Triple Jump PB of 10.66, 4th in 4 x 400 Relay
Sydney O’Neil – 4th in the 400, PB of 58.64, 10th in the 200m with 26.58, 14th in the 100m
Jesse Booth – 6th in Pole vault with a  PB of 2.90
Kendra Janzen – 12th in 100 hurdles, 21st in 400 hurdles
Harvir Nigah – PB of 16.04 in 100 hurdles, 11th place in High Jump
Neven McNeil – PB of 17.45 in 100 hurdles
Great job!  – Coach Trevor

Distance Athletes Shine at BC High School Track and Field Championships


I am sitting here the morning after myself and my family got back from this year’s BC High School Track and Field Championships, in Nanaimo. I must say I am feeling a little in awe of the wonderful athletes, families, and club members who gave so much of themselves to make this event such a resounding success for all of us.
From Christa, Nancy Steiger, our board members, and the wonderful Booth family, who stepped up for my family and myself and made it possible for me to be there for our athletes.  To Coach Trevor, whom I love to have enthusiastic discussions and debates with over optimal coaching practice and who has actively supported athletes in my group with both hurdles and speed development, and of course our ferociously competent and big hearted parents who support both their athletes and myself and are really the people who run things for our group when we are on our trips, I would like to say a resounding thank you.
When I step back and look at it all I realize that we have become truly and completely a team, and what a team we have become. I cannot emphasize enough that great results in track and field are the result of not only our hard working and talented athletes, who give so much of themselves every day, but of a great team, and I think that this has been made clear yet again this past weekend in Nanaimo.
Results: Valley Royals Distance Group – BC High School Track and Field Championships
Riley Simmonds –  BC High School Champion 1500m and 3000m
Adrianna Buitelaar – BC High School Champion 1500m and 3000m
Laken Olson – BC High School Champion 3000m and silver medalist 1500m
Sam May – BC High School Champion 2000ms/c and bronze medalist 3000m
Maggie Epp – BC High School Champion 800m, 5th 400m
Zoe Unger – BC High School Silver Medalist 2000ms/c, 8th 3000m
Will Van Schagen(with sprint group) – BC High School Silver Medalist 400m Hurdles, 8th 400m
Miles Graham – BC High School Silver Medalist 2000ms/c, 12th 3000m
Arata Nakanishi – BC High School Bronze Medalist 2000ms/c, 15th 3000m
Malcolm Reid – 4th 2000ms/c, 9th 3000m, 20th 1500m
Jonah Dyck – 6th – 1500ms/c
Santos Svelander(with sprint group)- 12th 300m Hurdles
Syra Dhaliwal – 24th 1500m, 31st 3000m
A big congratulations to all of our Valley Royals Athletes who competed this past weekend,  your hard work and dedication to our sport is inspirational. – Coach Scott

Throws Athletes Perform Brilliantly at BC High School Track and Field Championships

I’m very pleased, and I’m very proud as I review our results from this past BC High School Track and Field Championships. Since taking on the Throws Coach role this past September, I’ve had the honour to witness  friendships build, interests grow and so many improvements. There is nothing more rewarding than watching young, talented athletes improve and grow as not only athletes but as a community and human beings.
I’m looking forward to the next few years as these great athletes listed below continue to grow but also help to lead and guide their younger training partners.
Alana Car 
Javelin                   FIRST PLACE with a throw of 35.69.
Hammer                 Placed 17th with a throw of 25.76 
Discus                    Placed 26th with a throw of 15.85
Logan Car
Shotput                  Placed 12 with a throw of 10.62
Hammer                 Placed 19th  with a throw of   25.40
Javelin                   Placed 21 with a throw of 35.43
Jesse Booth          Jesse had tough luck in qualifiers for throws but did make it for Pole Vault!  Way to go Jesse on your 6th place finish!  With a personal best jump of 2.90!
Congratulations to all of you that took part in the “Provies”  ? ?  I’m very proud of you all! – Coach Debbie

East and North Fraser Valley Championship Success

A big congratulations goes out to all of our Valley Royals athletes who competed in the East and North Fraser Valley Championship meets this past week. Our athletes did extremely well with many advancing to the Provincial Championships in two weeks time.
Fraser Valley Champions in the distance group were Maggie Epp 800m, Santos Svelander (in conjunction with the sprint group) 300m hurdles, Jonah Dyck Steeplechase, Will Van Schagen(in conjunction with the sprint group) 400m Hurdles, Adrianna Buitelaar 3000m and 1500m, Riley Simmonds 1500m and 3000m, Sam May 2000m Steeplechase and 3000m, and Laken Olson 800m 1500m and 3000m. A big thumbs up also goes out to Samuel May, Arata Nakanishi, and Miles Graham who finished first, second, and third in the steeplechase with times that rank them first, second, and third in Canada, in the U18 division.
The following distance group athletes will be representing the Fraser Valley at the upcoming British Columbia Championships in Nanaimo.
  1. Riley Simmonds 
  2. Jonah Dyck
  3. Santos Svelander
  4. Maggie Epp
  5. Will Van Schagen
  6. Syra Dhaliwal
  7. Zoe Unger
  8. Malcolm Reid
  9. Sam May
  10. Miles Graham
  11. Arata Nakanishi
  12. Laken Olson
  13. Adrianna Buitelaar
 Once again a big congratulations goes out to all of our Valley Royals athletes who competed and represented us so well. – Coach Scott