Chocolate Fundraiser for Month of May!

JD Chocolate Fundraiser details…

fund-benefitsWe are super excited to announce that we have an AMAZING opportunity for our JD Athletes (and now ALL of our Athletes) to help support the Valley Royals Track and Field Club!!

We have been in contact with World’s Finest Chocolates. We will be receiving chocolate suitcases for the JD team to help raise funds for the club. Each chocolate suitcase has a retail value of $90. The club will profit $48 on each suitcase. That’s a staggering 53% profit towards the club!!

EXCITING!!!! This means extra funds that can go towards new equipment, track meets and the possibility of funding our very own Track Meet. Something we are working very hard to make a reality!

Our goal is to have Every JD member (& interested Valley Royal Athletes) sell at least one or two chocolate suitcases in their neighborhood. Have the kids go door to door selling in the Royals Singlet or Hoodie-Anything with the Royals Logo!! Take them to work! Get out in the nice weather and sell at soccer games! Every event you attend make sure you bring your chocolate suitcase and SELL SELL SELL!!!! This is a great way to get your little athlete involved in
the community and supporting their activity.

At the end of the month of May/ beginning of June we will have locations set up for the kids to sell (Locations and Dates to be announced). We would love it if every JD Athlete could do a 3-4 hour shift of selling chocolates. We will also need a few parents to help supervise.

There will be PRIZES to whoever sells the MOST chocolates!!


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